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The Brightest and Most Beautiful [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Brightest and Most Beautiful

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New [Nov. 23rd, 2003|09:39 pm]
The Brightest and Most Beautiful

[mood |annoyedannoyed]
[music |Placebo - Daddy Cool]


Name: Nathalie
Age: 23
Location: Brussels

How do you feel about:


I have no problem with being religious an sich. I'm agnostic myself, actually more ecclectic I guess. I look at what interests me, what can make me a better person. I do believe there is something more to this, but I haven't quite figured out what yet. What I do have a problem with however is organised religion. "Man's Ego has corrupted religion". I'm sure it all started out in good faith, but face it or leave it people are power hungry. And will do anything to keep that power. The "us versus them" mentality in alot of religions scares me. It breeds intolerance, it phases out the critical mind.


Well I guess you mean American politics, but I'll just note on this subject that I don't like Bush's way of acting. Especially not his foreign policy.

As for politics in general I believe in a moderated socialist approach. Economics have taken over our lives too much in my opinion, and I do think that a socialist approach of certain issues can keep that in check. No need for extremes like communism where everything is shared or an absolutely free market approach, the middle is often the way to go. Add green concern for the environment to that and you pretty much have my points of view. I'll gladly discuss politics with anyone, just don't go off on a tangent when I don't agree.


What do you consider drugs ?

Well there's the so called softdrugs. I smoke, and smoke weed occasionally too. It's never been an addiction, not even a habit. I just enjoy the relaxing feeling, the laughter that comes from it. I think if a couple of people would smoke some and lighten up, the world would be a better place. I however do feel that people should be much better informed about it. It's no good if you smoke yourself braindead every day - in the end you'll be brainless for real.

Harddrugs are another story. I'd actually put alcohol under this category seeing how it is highly addicting. But for the drugs commony denominated as harddrugs : I don't mess with it. You don't know what is in it, it destroys your life in alot of cases. Not done. Again, more prevention is necessary. Too much people think it's cool to do drugs. It's not - it's a choice.


See above too. I drink with moderation. There used to be a time where I went out too much and drank accordingly. Never again. Besides my stomach doesn't allow it. And I'm glad for that actually.
My uncle is dying from alcohol abuse, my father was a borderline alcoholic, who was already agressive without booze in his system. Needless to say I can't stand agressive or jerkish drunks. I generally don't mind drunk people though, as long as they behave. I feel embarassed in their place sometimes when I see what drunk people do. I guess that's the good thing about having a black-out : at least the next day you don't realise what an idiot you were.


I'd rather be blind than deaf.


I'm just me. Love it, hate it, as long as it doesn't leave you indifferent. I go from being happy with myself to hate me myself. I don't think I can really complain about being me, but I don't want to end up to be someone who "could've" or "could've been". I don't really fit into one or another category, even if sometimes I tried to make life easier. But in the end, labels only start to itch and you have to cut them out.

Oh and I'd want bigger boobs. Seriously.

What are two things that aggravate you the most and why?

Alot of -isms, especially extremism. I can't grasp how someone can be so convinced of their own right, how someone can be so narrowminded they don't see there are other points of view, and that there is no use in fighting with someone just as stubborn as you. All you're doing is destroying the world a little more every day.

As of lately, children who think that they have seen it all, know it all, and rule the world. Your time will come. Just not now . One of the realisations as you grow older, is that even though you may have a lot of knowledge, you actually know nothing.

What makes you think that you are worthy of this community?

The wonderful lay-out I filled out this application with. Seriously, it took quite some effort.
And I speak Dutch and French. I can help you with French homework.
A real reason
I'm me. I won't go promoting myself like a brand of cars. You'll see, or not, why.


favorite movie? book? artist or band? why?

Favorite movie. That is a hard one. I'll just name some. This is a non-exhaustive list.

The Boondock Saints. I've thought that the world needs guys like them. The general feeling in the movie , I love it. William Dafoe is genial. The ending court scene is majestic. And I have only seen a shitty computer version because I can't figure out if that movie ever actually came out in this country.

Lord of the Rings. Every year on Christmas day I go see one. I adore fantasy, and this book is my bible. The film is just a projection of my mental image. I have a crush on Elves now. I wouldn't give it two thoughts if I could live on Middle Earth. Or maybe I would.

Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain. feel good movie. The naievity Amélie displays is charming, her quest to help people, to make them happy, her shyness ... I recognize parts of myself, parts I've lost too.

Jeux d'Enfants. Similar to Amélie Poulain for the feeling. Classic love story actually ( guy meets girl, they like eachother, are broken apart, find eachother ) . But again here, the ( two ) endings made my day. In one they have finally found eachother back , and they hold each other while they are submerged with concrete. Together forever. The second ending you see them as 80 year olds, still playing the same game they have played since they were little. Love *sigh*

Dirty Dancing. Absolute bad acting, dialogues, story line, everything. But it feels so damn good.

Les Convoyeurs Attendent Social movie. Makes you realise the irony of everyday struggle. The beauty in small things. The power of a laugh.

And then there were more but well yeah ... I don't want to bore anyone to death, not sure insurance covers that

Book. Again, there are too much.

Lord of the Rings Trilogy My first bible. I love fantasy.

The Riftwar Saga My second bible. Similar to Lord of the Rings.

On the Road If only we could still do that.

The World According to Garp Brilliant eye-witness report/biography

The Neverending Story It's been 10 years at least since I read it, but I still love it.

There are too much books I still need to read. So I'll quit this and go read some right ?

Artist or band.

Smashing Pumpkins

These bands in particular, because I feel their lyrics, I recognize myself or maybe just not , their music unleashes emotions.

Single songs

There are alot of songs that I like, without necessarily liking the other songs by the same artist, or maybe I simply don't know them. Didn't feel fair to exclude those here. Musical taste is very broad, as long as I like the song it's okay, no matter what genre it is.

And then finally, here are pics ( 9 ) Collapse )

I'd also want to say : if there are grammar or spelling errors, blame my former English teachers, this isn't my first language. Thank you :)
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(no subject) [Nov. 16th, 2003|08:28 pm]
The Brightest and Most Beautiful
come and get it..:x..Collapse )
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(no subject) [Nov. 8th, 2003|12:21 am]
The Brightest and Most Beautiful
Age: 18
Location: Warren,Michigan

How do you feel about:

religion: im not into religion..i have been to church but then the thought of believing in 1 god seemed close minded. so i dont worry about it too much. i dont judge anyone on the religion they follow..its their choice..i just feel its better to be open minded ..i like the whole aspect of mythilogical god..if i really had to learn about one.

politics: i definetly dont worry about it. i dont feel that if i was to say my opinion about it..no one above me would give a shit.

drugs: i have strong opinions about drugs...and i dont mean to offend anyone. i quit smoking weed a very long time ago..and it seemed like it was 'ok' at the time..but now i dont see the point at all.

alcohol: i drink occasionally..like new years..maybe a couple partys if i go to them..a small drink here an there..but i have to say i cant stand when people get so drunk they act like a sped..it annoys the hell outta me and its childish when you cant say 'ok ive had enough for now'..but instead you do something dumb..and then use the excuse 'i was drunk'..people should know that just because you drink..doesnt mean you cant have morals.

music: love it..but dont base my life around it..labels suck ..end of story.

yourself: my outlook about myself = i have mood swings and i tend to keep things bottled up..which i hate. Its scary when you lose control of yourself if you explode your anger..its not fun. i wish i had more confidence about myself. im very confident about my personality ..im opinionated..i think im a little too rude at times..then again most of the time, i dont care. im not a big people person...i choose friends very wisely.and most of my friends ive had since i was 7..i have trust issues,i have an obsession with cherrys,peircings,and hair dye.I have a lot to say..just very few people understand where im coming from.

What are two things that aggravate you the most and why? ignorant people..i see a lot of this..i work at the mall..along with snobs who really have no reason to be stuck up. liars and people who brag. theres more than 2..but its a strong dislike so i count them all as 1.

What makes you think that you are worthy of this community? its about personality and looks..b-i-n-g-o

favorite movie? book? artist or band? why? movie- theres so many i love..basically any horror movie..i like The Crow..Underworld..i cant name my favorite..theres too many. reason why- they rock..they are almost the only kind of movies i can stand...book-Ive never been into reading that much..i have 0 patience so id rather watch a movie.
artist or band= once again..im not good with favorites. and i dont really know whats 'cool or new' now..i havent bought a cd in ages..all my music is downloaded..sooo..jack off jill,slayer,rob zombie,godsmack,evanescence,mudvayne,NIN,Tori amos,Static X,Cradle of filth,Type 0 negative,Twiztid,Tech N9ne ,some icp..you know how it goes. + more..i dont wanna go on and on..reason i like music?= its M-u-s-i-c
the g0odiezCollapse )
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(no subject) [Nov. 6th, 2003|07:56 pm]
The Brightest and Most Beautiful
[mood |awake]


Location: Arizona

How do you feel about:

religion: Honestly I haven’t given much thought to it...I don’t go to church I don’t consider myself religious...but it doesn’t matter to me what religion a person is as long as they are a good person
Politics: Don’t really have a need to worry about them right now
Drugs: Even though I don’t do them I don’t discriminate against people who to because half my friends do them...my friend just O.D. so it’s hard to watch them hurt themselves...
Alcohol: I drink on occasion...I don’t like to be around shit faced people who can’t control their drinking though
Music: I like all kinds of music, i'm one of those people that when you look in their cd case you will be like "wow they have a really mixed taste"
Yourself: I wish I was skinnier other then that I think i’m a really fair and honest person

What are two things that aggravate you the most and why? Dishonesty--who likes to be lied to nothing good comes from it and Immaturity--Once you reach a certain age you need to know when to act stupid and when not to...some people don’t have that ability and it’s really annoying

What makes you think that you are worthy of this community? Because I'm fair and honest

Favorite movie? Empire Records... book? the bad seed artist or band? Why? The ramones, because i have been listening to them as long as i can remember and i really like their music =-)

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Welcome [Nov. 6th, 2003|09:26 pm]
The Brightest and Most Beautiful

So you're here. Now what? Check the userinfo, read the rules...and go for it. Post at least 3 pics and fill out the app. Good luck!
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