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The Brightest and Most Beautiful

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Welcome to the Forum for LiveJournal's best and brightest. Not only are we gorgeous, we have the minds to pimp that beauty to the fullest. Don't fuck with us, because beauty and brains are a deadly combination.

1. You must post at least three pictures. No explicit material - this will result in your banishment. Post your pictures and application behind a cut.
2. Be prepared for any type of critisizms or insults. We bite our tongues for no one. Furthermore, don't come whining to me or any of the mods because "someone picked on you." Deal with it. Drama is welcome (haha) but again, dont come to me to intervene.
3. If you are accepted, promote promote promote. Invite anyone you want to join. But know, just because you invite someone does not mean they are automatically accepted.



How do you feel about:


What are two things that aggravate you the most and why?

What makes you think that you are worthy of this community?

favorite movie? book? artist or band? why?

This community is not about fitting a trend or a label. No one will be disregarded because they are not "emo", or "goth" or "preppy" etc. We will base our judgements on the intelligence and originality of your answers (and of course your physical appearance). If I see anyone vote a "no" because they don't like a band or whatever that someone chose, they WILL BE BANISHED.

4. I want a reason, however brief, for a negative answer on anyone's post.
5. Call me unfair, call me whatever the fuck you want, I already have in mind the few people who will be automatically accepted should they try out. Everyone else, friend or not, will be subjected to voting.
6. obviously, you may not post until you are accepted.